International Mystic, Vocal Alchemist, Medicine Woman, Womb Wisdom Keeper, Rainbow Grandmother & Prophecy Weaver. 

Sonic Love Alchemy™ & Sophology™


Life transforming immersions, workshops & facilitator trainings.  Weaving in the the Shamanic Mystic path, Amma creates a profound educational field of transformation, revelation, beauty & play. Deep dive into the wisdom of Sonic Medicine, Womb Wisdom, Ancient Mysteries, Cosmic Connections & so much more!

Sonic Bowl Alchemy™


An international grassroots company of Sonic Crystalline Technology. Sparked by a prophetic vision of the New Earth emerging as the Old World transitions, anchoring impeccable cosmic frequencies required for planetary re-stabilization. Born of divine Love and harmonisation for all Beings through pure sacred sound.

Private Sessions


Access the root of current set-backs and subconscious patterns. Amma share's universal keys to unlocking your soul's highest potential & the abundance that awaits.

Diamond Light Activation & Soul Reading/Vocal Activation via Skype/Call/In-Person $222 1.5Hr

Cosmic Sophia Awakening In-Person Only Starting at $333